Thursday, July 7, 2022

Nigerians On Social Media Are Narrating Their Worst Experiences Banking With UBA...And the Stories Are Scary

UBA customer Princess Victoria Ajibola aka omo local, a popular actress, on Friday exactly 11am, laments on illegal deduction of 1.4 million naira from her account, it all started with 250k debit alert till they deducted 1.4 million, without her collecting money from the bank.
While at the location shooting movie, fellow actors Adebayo Tijani and Sanyeri assisted her in calling the customer care, all to no avail, on her way to the bank she kept calling the customer care.

Getting to the bank, all her complaint was left unattended to, trying to bury the case UBA gave her zero attention.
While in the bank her money was still being deducted, seeking for solution, UBA said there’s nothing they can do.
It was until she started crying and creating a scene in the bank before her account was blocked.
After this, she went to Opay office to lay a complain, cause the money was deducted using POS, she was told at the office they can’t do anything until UBA sends a mail to them, getting back to the bank, they told her to wait until their headquarters sends them a mail at UBA IDI APE BRANCH IBADAN.

Princess Victoria Ajibola is calling on Nigerians to interfare in this case.

Meanwhile, the video which has now garnered over 1million views  in about 24hours on the  TikTok page NewsEveryHour's publisher, Morakinyo Olugbiji, has got close to 3,000 comments from Nigerians narrating how the bank has also done them dirty.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Singer TEMS Down With Serious Ailment, Takes A Break From Music

 Nigerian singer Tems has taken a break from music after being diagnosed with reflux laryngitis. 

This was disclosed in a post the singer shared on Instagram. Tems also disclosed that she has postponed her upcoming shows in line with the doctor's directive. 

Reflux laryngitis is an irritation in the back of the throat due to acid or other chemicals that come up from your stomach.


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Meet Kelly, The TikTok Girls Nigerian Men Are Going Crazy Over

This is the truth about Bhaddie Kelly, the Tiktok girl that is currently making Nigerian guys disown and disrespect their girlfriends. Dear Nigerian ladies, brace up because your boyfriends dont seem like they will be letting go of Bhaddie Kelly anytime soon. As i speak with you she has been trending on Nigerian Twitter at number one for the past two days. These men are claiming that Bhaddie Kelly is your karma for what you all did to them during the time that the Kupe Boys were reiging. 
Now, apart from the fact that Bhaddie Kelly, a Togolese has got the looks that Nigerina men consider to be the perfect spec, Bhadie Kelly is also a nurse and you know how much men in general fantasize about nurses?

Lady Shares Photos Of A Voodoo Love-spell Dug Out From The Ground

This two fetish idols believed to represent a couple binded together with a love spell have been dug out and seperated at a sand beach in the Eastern part of Nigeria. In Africa, this is type of love spell is usually carried out by desperate females that want to cast a spell on a man to love them. 
According to wendy okowan who shared the photos on Facebook which have now gone viral, names were written on these two idols but the name of the Male idol has wiped off, however, the name Victory Okereke was found on the female idol. It is believed that as this idols have been separated,  whichever part of the world the couples may be, the bond has now been broken and the woman has likely turned to a lunatic as a consequence of the evil spell.

Friday, June 10, 2022

ISWAP blamed for Ondo Shooting

It's official, another dangerous terrorist group is now active in Nigeria and they were responsible for the kiling of dozens of worshippers last sunday at st francis catholic church in Ondo state .  On June 9th 2022, The Nigerian minister of Interior Rauf Aregbesola during The National security Council meeting held in Abuja officially declared that deadly terrorist group named the islamic state west africa province better known as ISWAP which is one of the deadliest terrorist group in Africa with dominance in had was responsible for the killing of worshippers in Ondo stat over the weekend. This means that as Boko Haram is in the northern-eastern part of Nigeria, with headquarters in Borno state, Iswap is now in the  south-Western part of Nigeria, in ondo state. And that is the exact reason ISWAP is currently trending on Twitter.