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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

atundaPLAYHOUSE, NABAMS (Yabatech Chapter) presents Bode Sowande "The Night Before"

"The play reveals the night before graduation of five students. They reminisce on their life as undergraduates, the years of demonstrations, relationship, riot, good times and of course the bad times. The five of them, through reenactment, took us through the moments.

...When Nibidi narrates, we are at the party by the bonfire and when Moye (male), Moniran (male ), Dabira (male) Onita(male) and Ibilola (female ) chorus “Zebra power!
The most notable of these scenes recalls a protest at the polytechnic that led to the death of one of the students. Such is the effect of stylised theatre, that with choreographed movement and gestures, five actors make us believe that they are a whole crowd of rioting students.