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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Alcoholic Ex-England Star Kenny Sansom Reveals He Is Tired Of Life, wants to end his life

Alcoholic England football legend Kenny Sansom today reveals he’s ready to die. In a heartbreaking interview, the tormented homeless former Arsenal star finally admits defeat in his battle with the booze .

He tells how he’s facing his first Christmas alone after being dumped by his fiancĂ©e and becoming estranged from his family.

And last week he turned down an offer from an old team-mate to get him back in rehab.

“I’m in the worst place I’ve ever been – I’ve never been this low,” said a tearful 58-year-old Kenny. I want to kill myself . I don’t feel like I’ve got anything left to live for. I want to forget my life. I can’t handle life any more. If I could end it now, I would. I know what I’m saying will hurt a lot of people, but I feel I need to get it out and be honest about how I feel.”