Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Meet Kelly, The TikTok Girls Nigerian Men Are Going Crazy Over

This is the truth about Bhaddie Kelly, the Tiktok girl that is currently making Nigerian guys disown and disrespect their girlfriends. Dear Nigerian ladies, brace up because your boyfriends dont seem like they will be letting go of Bhaddie Kelly anytime soon. As i speak with you she has been trending on Nigerian Twitter at number one for the past two days. These men are claiming that Bhaddie Kelly is your karma for what you all did to them during the time that the Kupe Boys were reiging. 
Now, apart from the fact that Bhaddie Kelly, a Togolese has got the looks that Nigerina men consider to be the perfect spec, Bhadie Kelly is also a nurse and you know how much men in general fantasize about nurses?

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