Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Lady Shares Photos Of A Voodoo Love-spell Dug Out From The Ground

This two fetish idols believed to represent a couple binded together with a love spell have been dug out and seperated at a sand beach in the Eastern part of Nigeria. In Africa, this is type of love spell is usually carried out by desperate females that want to cast a spell on a man to love them. 
According to wendy okowan who shared the photos on Facebook which have now gone viral, names were written on these two idols but the name of the Male idol has wiped off, however, the name Victory Okereke was found on the female idol. It is believed that as this idols have been separated,  whichever part of the world the couples may be, the bond has now been broken and the woman has likely turned to a lunatic as a consequence of the evil spell.

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