Friday, May 27, 2022

See What Just Happened To Parents Of Late Deborah Samuel Killed In Sokoto

You won't believe what just happened to the parents of Deborah Samuel the student who was burnt alive by angry muslim students in Sokoto over accusation that she insulted prophet Muhammad. As at the time that Deborah was burnt alive, this was the house her parents use to live in 
and her parents had revealed that Deborah was their last hope in life because they sent her to school with all the money they had so that she could  help the family out of poverty, they also revealed that following Deborah's death none of their  children will ever be able to go to school again. 
But checkout where they live now in less than a month that the sad incident happened. Deborah's parents are now the proud owner of a 14 flats mini estate in Port Harcourt, given to them by the popular Pastor of Omega Power Ministry(OPM) Apostle Chinyere. 

Apostle Chinyere has also given Deborah's dad a car for Uber business, a big shop for her mum, a scholarship abroad for her immediate younger sibling and education up to the university level for all her other siblings. What do you guys think about this?

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