Thursday, July 11, 2019

American Hiphop legend, Snoop Dog, shares video of Nigeria's DJ Computer Love #2Fighting and has this to say...

See what US Rap Legend, Snoop Dogg did after sharing a Nigerian Music Video

Legendary rapper,  Snoop Dogg posted on his social media this week a Nigeria music video titled "2 Fighting" by a barely known Nigerian artist,  DJ Computer Love and and hailed him for the video,  saying although he doesn't understand the lyrics,  the music vibes. 

In his words as he shared the Youtube video: "Dunno what they're saying but this music vibes..."

The doggfather then  shared the DJs instagram handle and wrote "sick Afrobeats", with a two raised hands emoji. 

But the honour was shortlived as the posts dissapeared from all his social Media timeline within minutes as it looks like the American rapper has hidden it for unknown reasons. 

Below is the screeshot and link to the post saved before he could hid it from his Facebook timeline... :


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