Thursday, June 6, 2019

Awesome! Nigerian Make-Up Artist Ifeoluwa Alonge Applauded For Transforming People Living With Disabilties Into Extra Beauties (Photos)

Ifeoluwa Alonge, a young Nigerian graduate has wowed many with her unique and humanitarian approach to the art of Make-up.

Ifeoluwa who finished from the English department of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, but uses are natural talent for make-up artistry to earn a living has demonstrated her passion not only in putting smiles on the face of every woman, but importantly those going through difficulties. 

In a rare feat,  the beautiful, ebony dark lady,  through her foundation called the Beautiful As you Are (BAYA) foundation has been given a complete makeup,  hair, outfit makeover to women living with disabilities,  deformities or with sickly diagnosis just to remind them that they are "beautiful just as they are".

"We go to them with makeup  artists,  stylists etc,  hold the makeup session,  take pictures, print and frame the pictures and then give back to the women to serve as a constant reminder that no matter what they are experiencing,  they are beautiful and should keep their heads up high", explained Ifeoluwa,  the Creative Director of Gleemakeovers.

She speaks further; "We go as far as meeting up with people living with downsyndrome and even cancer. I also love to empower young girls the best ways that i can and my life goal is to die empty of all the potential bestowed on me by God."

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