Thursday, October 4, 2018

Prince Chukwuemeka Okolie wins Youth Party's Primary As Surulere Federal Republic.

 Prince Chukwuemeka Okolie has won his primary election under the Youth Party platform. He was elected by the Surulere people to represent them at the Federal House of representatives, making him one of the youngest aspirant to contest for the federal house of representatives.

Prince Chukwuemeka Okolie has always had this passion to lead and help most especially the youths and the aged ones. He is the President of Change For Nigerian youths and also a grass rooter in politics, a sociologist, Strategist and an entertainment Specialist.
 "At age 9, I said to myself, I want to become a President in the future, i didn't know what got over me, but I guess it was the situations of the country as at that time. At age 15 I ventured into the Entertainment industry while I was still in secondary school. I came out of secondary school, tried different jobs and careers including playing football, talking to people and getting my change for NIGERIAN youth (CNY) project ready", Okolie explained.

At age 19 he came up with the initiative Change For Nigerian Youths, according to him the whole idea was trying to get his fellow youths involved in politics.
 He continues;  "Nigeria youths as at that time didn't like the word Politics, because of the ways the Nigerian Politics was practiced. It didn't encourage the youths, So he was trying to get the youths involved by speaking positively to them. I also wrote alot on how the youths can get involved in the role of Leadership and tried to create different avenues which would be used to reach out to them, but at some points my efforts were frustrated by the old politicians but i didn't give up".

As time goes on, Prince Chukwuemeka started meeting people through entertainment and politics and he always tells everyone who cares to listen about the Change for Nigerian Youths and how the youths can get involved in Politics/ role of Leadership in Nigeria.
 Some years ago he became more determined to take a higher step regardless of his young age, he also started hearing and took in the fact that he was never too young to run for the election.

In the last election, he helped a friend in Surulere, a very popular figure to win his elections with some great ideas he contributed during his campaign. The candidate was also a youth as at that time and it turned out well.

He is also the southwest youth leader for a presidential candidate.

Last year he really worked on the CNY project, he got an award from NIGERIA ACHIEVERS AWARD... Tagged Nigerian award for excellency in youth leadership. This year, Youth Party got registered by INEC and the "Not too young to Run" bill was passed. Now he has decided to run for the federal house of representative, Surulere constituency because he is a leader. This will be the first elections since after the military regime that youths can contest.
 As a leader he has been preaching about youths getting involved in Politics now he needs to make the first step because he also said a leader is someone that KNOWS THE WAY, SHOWS THE WAY AND GOES  THE WAY.

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