Wednesday, August 15, 2018

5 Reasons Why Should Start Using RideMe Taxi Today

Taxi apps are here to stay in Nigeria. Four years ago, Nigeria had no trace of taxi apps existing in the country however there are now over 15 taxi apps operating in the country. The increase in the number of players in the taxi market In Nigeria has led to more choices for riders. Lagos has the highest number of e-hailing drivers in Nigeria followed by Abuja and port-Harcourt.

RideMe Taxi is among the new taxi apps vying for market share in Nigeria. RideMe Taxi is owned by ATB Techsoft Solutions Ltd, an indigenous technology solutions company with over 10 years in business. RideMe Taxi is quite affordale and safe for riders in Lagos. The app which is only available in Lagos and has shown enormous potential to compete with market leaders; Uber and Taxify. Here are five reasons why you should download RideMe Taxi.   


One of the frustrations of using some apps is the stability of the app. Issues such as constant crashing and bugs remain a setback for many Nigerian apps. RideMe Taxi has been able to overcome this issue by building its technology to withstand the peculiarities of different smartphones. Riders and drivers on RideMe platform can rest assured of the best technology for their movement in and around Lagos city.


RideMe Taxi was built to match the lifestyle of the average worker in Lagos. Taxi services isn’t a luxury as such RideMe Taxi has been able to make its fare quite affordable for all. If you don’t use a taxi for your movement around Lagos, then here is an opportunity to use one. RideMe Taxi is an affordable taxi app to use in Lagos. RideMe Taxi charges N300 as base fare, N65 per Km and N10 per minutes. A typical trip from Ikeja city mall to Eko Hotel & Suites, VI barring any traffic delay would cost you between N1800 to N2500, which is quite affordable.

Excellent customer support

One of the key components of any successful company is the way they treat and respond to customer issues. Customer experience has become a vital element of any company that intends to acquire and retain customers. RideMe Taxi has started on a good part by building a responsive customer support team. It has even gone a step ahead of its competitors by introducing a live chat on its app. This makes it easier to resolve complaints from riders and drivers. Typically, it takes less than 5 minutes to get a response from RideMe support via live chat or email;

Instant request

RideMe Taxi may have launched in July 15, 2018 but how it has been able to get so many drivers on its platform within a very short time has been quite impressive. Its drivers are spread out in most parts of Lagos with Ikeja and VI seeing the highest number of registered drivers on its platform. This has drastically reduced the waiting time for drivers. If RideMe Taxi continues at this rate, it will be able to achieve waiting time of less than 1 minute to get a driver.


RideMe Taxi is a safe taxi app to use in Lagos. Security is a big issue in Nigeria. Hence it becomes important for technology companies to incorporate some form of security feature into their platforms. RideMe Taxi takes the security of its drivers and riders very seriously. It has built a one-click SOS feature on its app that connects riders and drivers to their emergency contacts whenever they are in danger. Riders and drivers can set two emergency contacts who they could reach out to during emergencies.

RideMe Taxi is creating a whole new experience for riders and drivers in Lagos with its sleek features. RideMe Taxi is definitely an affordable and safe taxi app to use in Lagos. Riders can enjoy mouth-watering promotions on the app such as free rides for first time users who book a ride using card payment. (PROMOCODE: FREERIDES). RideMe Taxi also gives riders N800 bonus in their wallet when they refer their friends to download the app. RideMe Taxi will no doubt become a household name for many riders in Lagos State if it keeps to its brand promise.  

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