Thursday, March 29, 2018

Nigerian Malls & Cinemas Ooze Offensive Odour & Heat During Festivities—Event Expert, Atagamen

Nigeria event organiser, Izokpu Atagamen, has lamented that Easter and indeed most celebrations in Nigeria are not as exciting and fun as in the past.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos about the forth-coming much anticipated beach concert, "Turn Up With DJ Neptune" on April 7th, the CEO of Gray Tiger Entertainment expresses regret that unlike in the 90s when most Easter celebrations saw revellers hanging out in exciting places like conservation centers, beaches and parks, many now celebrate their easter at home watching other people's activities on social media.

"It is regrettable that many of the young people of nowadays may never know the beauty and real fun of Easter. While we were growing up Easters were incomplete without some outdoor activities. Parks and beaches were the ultimate hangouts not only during Easter but Christmas and other festivities. It is always the best feelings ever, with the fresh feel and sound of nature...and enough space to play around with your friends, loved ones and lovers. But that has drastically reduced. People are either just staying at home and watching pictures on social media, except for a few who manage to go to some of the few cinemas and shopping malls around that are usually very jam-packed and hot during festivities due to overcrowding. Have you ever been to those cinema/malls during festivities and experience the  odour and heat oozing out? Maybe it is the way those places are constructed. Nothing surpasses the cool, fresh breeze of the sea side", Mr. Atagamen expresses.

Speaking further, the event expert revealed that most Nigerians don't know that the beaches and parks are still beautiful places to catch fun as government has been trying its best to make them more appealing.

"Contrary to the belief that many of these beaches and parks are no longer fun to be in terms of infrastructures, it may  interest you that those places are still very much alive especially with government regularly paying attention to revamping them. The Lagos state government for instance has been paying attention to parks and beaches in Lagos, asides the many conservation centers and private beaches." Atagamen said.

He speaks further about the Beach Concert coming up on April 7th, tagged "Turn Up With DJ Neptune", according to Atagamen whose company has been part of organising several top events in the past including Nigerian Music Video Awards(NMVA), the concert is a beach rave controlled by just one DJ, Nigeria's internationally celebrated Disc Jockey, DJ Neptune.

The event will see performances from several artistes, both popular and upcoming ones and it will include electrifying dance performances, endless dance and give-aways, as the show is sponsored by Chelsea Dry Gin.

Atagamen urges everybody to come out and experience real fun again under a strict and guaranteed security controlled beach atmosphere.

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