Saturday, December 23, 2017

"My dog has a better life than most of you Nigerians"-American lady tells Nigerian celebrity tattoo artist Bizzyaski (Photos)

 Shameful activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) on innocent Nigerians is definitely being followed by people in the Western world. According to celebrated Nigerian Beautician and Tattoo artiste, Bisola Ojikutu a.k.a Bizzyaski, he got embarrassed recently by what an American lady told him about Nigeria.

Bizzyaski who just got a new certification in the USA, disclosed what the lady who is his classmate to him below while they were discussing...

I am sincerely grateful to God who gave me the grace to bag another prestigious certificate in the United States.This is indeed a major upgrade to my career. It can only be God Almighty. Although, my time here and reading about the stuffs happening at home makes me worry a lot about the home i call Naija; the SARS issues and all. The country is hard,yet when you finally manage to live your live and enjoy inspite of the challenges,the security agents meant to give you peace of mind are the ones that get you scared the most. The sad thing is that most of the poo that go on in this country gets to the knowledge of foreigners who end up using it to abuse us and treat us like inferior humans.

"Imagine this girl in my class who happened to be aware of the #ENDSARS campaign, telling me "I'm sorry, but you have a jungle not a nation. I mean my dog has a better life than most people living in Nigeria. How can the police maltreat you guys so badly? I know we have occasional cases like that here, but over there in Nigeria, it looks like you guys are just helpless. Your President's doesn't react, authorities dont react. They are like what are you going to do?" My completely sure all the noise on social media won't change anything". At that point, I really didn't know what to say because I know she has some points; this week alone, I have read more than 10 fresh cases of Police brutality across Nigeria.Please, what's going on?"

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