Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How Aurora Got Me A Job In A Multinational Company In Lagos

I hadn’t spent up to 10 minutes at the reception of this multinational company, when a fair, thick and very busty lady looking like Roman Goddess stepped out to call me into the conference room. .

She looked at me somehow, I think she likes me. But I’m not sure.

Let me quickly add this, I graduated with second-class upper (Chemistry) five years ago and since then I have moved from one low paying job to another. My last was as a teacher in a secondary school in Lagos earning N30,000 monthly. I couldn’t even save for a whole year.

To keep my story short, so last week, I got a job invite from this multinational company in Lekki which I applied to earlier in the year. In fact I had forgotten that I applied there and so when I got an email and SMS asking me to come for an interview I was already flying in the air.

So, as I was explaining earlier, I got to the venue of the interview, and met the hot lady who led me into the other room; I mean the conference room. I faced 4 fierce looking men in the conference room who kept interrogating me like a criminal.

But suddenly I began to realize how impressed these gentlemen were beginning to get with me based on the reactions on their faces. I was a bit surprised when they told me to submit my documents immediately or forward it to a provided email address.

Well, honestly I think I may have knocked them out because I kept reiterating their weaknesses as a company and what I felt I could do uniquely to help them out in the area I was applying for. This is a company I had researched about while I was In University.

I was told to go sort myself out with the documents at the reception, and it looked like I was about to finally get what I wanted in life after five years of leaving school.

Then, the fair, lanky and busty lady showed up again. She called out my name again asking me to “please forward your credentials to the email address you were given and wait here.”

I brought out my phone which I plugged to my newly bought power bank before I left home, and I tried to switch it on but shockingly, it refused to come on. This is where I keep all my scanned documents! At this point I knew my village people had finally located me.

We’ve not had electricity for a whole week in my area because of faulty transformer. So a day before the interview, I bought this brand new power bank which I even used that day and it worked.

I can’t afford to lose this job. Seeing my frustration, the hot lady pulled out her drawer and gave me a powerbank to use.

“Have you sent your documents now? The hot lady’s said gently to me.

To cut the story short, the next thing I was saying was; “thank you Aurora, God bless you”.

“Lol, are you thanking me or the power bank? You should be very careful of the kind of power bank you buy, most of them do not charge completely.

“Anyway, I’m Doris. But you can go home with my Aurora powerbank. We will definitely see again. Welcome to our company,” she said, as we both gave each other a flirty smile.

And that was when I knew without a doubt that I had finally made it in 2017. For those of you still waiting for a good job, the year 2017 will not pass you by.

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