Friday, October 20, 2017

If You Love Your Face, You Would See This (Graphic)

Over the years Nigeria has seen the influx of several phone accessories into the Nigeria market. This has led to the proliferation of sub-standard products into the country. 

The media has been awash with stories of death and injuries caused by the used of sub-standard phone accessories in the country. 

However, the entry of Oraimo into the accessory market in Nigeria will no doubt help to sanitize an industry that needs so much cleansing. 

Last year a story went viral of how a 12-year-old boy was seriously injured when his phone exploded while it was charging. The phone felt hot and then blew up in his face, exposing part of his jawbone and embedding fragments in his arms and legs. He underwent emergency surgery before he was sent to the burns unit and onto the plastic surgery inpatient department. Only last year, a power bank exploded burning down a building in Kenya. 

This is the unfortunate things many people have faced while using sub-standard mobile accessories in the country. According to a Guardian publication 95 per cent of phone accessories in the market today in Nigeria are substandard. There is still a long way to go to sensitive Nigerians on the dangers of use of sub-standard mobile accessories. 

For Oraimo the focus is on producing the highest quality mobile accessories for Nigerians that meet all quality requirements by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON). One way Oraimo is ensuring quality of its accessories is through product authentication. This it has achieved through two means;

QR Code Verification

With a bar code at the back of its accessories, buyers can easily check the authencity of the product they are buying through a quick scan.

Verification Number

At the back of all Oraimo accessories is a 16 digit code. Users only need to visit its website, and input the 16 digit code by clicking on the Authentication page to reveal if they have bought a genuine Oraimo product. 

As the official licensed accessory brand for popular phone brands such as Tecno, Infinix and Itel, buyers of Oraimo accessories can rest assured of buying only the highest quality accessory that wouldn’t break down easily. 

What makes Oraimo accessories more attractive is its affordability. By combining affordability with quality, Oraimo has been able to answer the needs of every Nigeria when it comes to phone accessory.

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