Thursday, August 10, 2017

Some Nigerian movies are better than Hollywood Movies-Actor Olayemi Bakare

Abuja based Nollywood actor, Olayemi Bakare has advised Nigerians to churn the habits of discrediting the efforts of local and indigenous producers, as they are really doing their best despite the challenges in the country, adding that they still give the nation world class productions despite these challenges.

Speaking during an interview, the prolific actor stated that many Nigerians use the word “local” to depict something inferior meanwhile, something being produced locally only means that it is being produced internally and not low quality.

Speaking further,Bakare said that many local movies and other products are far better than some of their foreign counterparts but we usually don't see the good things about the local ones because we have our mindsets fixed on foreign goods only.

“Without meaning to discredit our foreign colleagues and i must admit they are far ahead for obvious reasons, but I personally have seen some really poor quality Hollywood movies on M-Net Zone. These movies have terrible mistakes which even some of the low budget films in Nollywood can never make. You, see not everything that is foreign that is faultless. There are many items imported from abroad that are really nothing to write home about when placed side by side with homemade products. Nobody is perfect. We are all humans and constantly striving towards improving,” Olayemi Bakare says.

The actor harped it that the government has been trying its best to develop the local industry while they have never ceased to encourage Nigerians to buy Nigeria to grow Nigeria, according to him, all hands must however be on deck to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

"Nigerians are are the backbones we need to become like Hollywood. If Nigerians support us as much as they support foreign movies, we will be competing favourably with Hollywood. Nigerian support is just so powerful and we know this. We really need it and that is why we have been striving to please Nigerians with the movies we are producing nowadays all in spite of the general economic challenges every Nigerian entrepreneur is facing. Most of the Nollywood movies in the Cinemas right now are 100 percent Hollywood standard, but majority of Nigerians will not know about them because they don't go to watch movies at the Cinemas. So please go to the Cinemas every now and then and see the efforts we ave made"

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