Tuesday, August 1, 2017

If we are shooting near your house and your gen disturbs,You’ll be asked to off it-Filmmaker, Habib Orchestra

Popular Nollywood sound recordist Habib Adebayo Olaore better known as Orchestra has attributed the use of power generating set to the bad sound quality of Nollywood movies.

In a recent interview with Newseveryhour.com, Habib who has specialised in filmmaking,reality shows,talk shows,movies and documentary after entering the industry in 2006 through Mama Rainbow’s Osumare Theater Group, blamed the power sector’s inefficiency to the problem and described it as a big disgrace to an industry which boast to be the third largest in the world.

“You see, our job is to record artist voices and feed the camera and other system recordings on set. The reason why Nigeria’s productions sound is bad is that we  have electricity generator everywhere apart from the fact that some of our producers don't listen to the soundman. They will just be shouting let’s shoot! They don't know what we are hearing and they don't always listen to our sound in the feed until they get to post production. ,”Habib said.

Continuing, he said; “It is bad enough that we have to use generators to power equipments, which poses significant sound issues to the production, as of that is not enough, most of the time when we use these generators in shoots, we don't use the right ones that can help to reduce the noise to the barest the minimum. The problem there is that our producers don't alway make a budget for generator in film sets. Ideally, there should be a  standard generator like Mikano available so that if we have any neighbors that put on their generator and it’s disturbing our production, then the production manager can approach them to switch off the generator and negotiate to supply them power from the big generator being used on our set. We often take that measure where we have a standard generator available and they absolutely switch off their gen. But we can't do that where there is standard generator on the set. But i blame the power sector the most because, we shouldn't be talking about generators at all if they do their jobs well.”

Habib who was also an actor before moving to the technical line of sound recording recounts that even though he has achieved a lot career-wise having worked on big projects like MTVShuga Seasons 2 and 4, Fifty produced by Ebonylive TV, Youwin Award by former President Goodluck Jonathan and movies such as Mr Bee , Christmas Is Coming, Brother Jekwu etc; said Nollywood still has a very long way to go.

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