Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Woman who weighs 38 stone and has 95 inch hips vows to add more weight to get the biggest hips ever

A woman who weighs 38 stone has vowed to continue putting on weight until she breaks the record for the world’s biggest hips.

Bobbi-Jo Westley already has 95-inch hips but has set a goal for herself to break the record of LA-based Mikel Ruffinelli who has a hip measuring 99 inches. Bobbi-Jo says she's willing to reach her hip goal, even though she knows it could kill her.

Bobbi, 42, who lives in York, Pennsylvania with her husband, has got quite a lot of fans from all over the world, with some buying and trading her photos online. There are also fans who pay for “crushing” sessions where they get Bobbi-Jo to sit on them and squash them just for the fun of it. She makes quite a lot of cash as a result of her curvy body.

Bobby spoke of her hips, saying: “My hips are what makes me unique. It’s what makes me ‘me’. When I realised that there were men out there who like my shape, I was kind of surprised. I get all kinds of presents and messages from my fans, some of them ask ‘will you marry me?’ which is kind of hard because I’m already married.”

With the positive comments she gets, there are also the negative ones who troll her for her weight, but she doesn't pay them any attention.

She said: “When I get people on social media who say I am fat, I really don’t react to it. Because I am fat.”

As expected, Bobbi's weight has adverse effects on her. First, she is housebound under doctor’s orders and it's a struggle for her to complete basic everyday activities. A task as simple as walking across the room leaves her out of breath.

She said: “The last time I went to a doctor I weighed 542lbs. And having big hips is kind of difficult. When I go up or down stairs, or through doors, I have to turn sideways.”

Bobbi-Jo says her massive weight gain is as a result of an underactive thyroid, a condition she was diagnosed with six years ago. But nutritionist Nadia Sharifi, the owner of MyTrimLine Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, paid her a visit recently and was not convinced by Bobbi-Jo’s explanation. Nadia said Bobbi is a “ticking time bomb” and that she needs to start eating healthily or she could face an early death.

The nutritionist said: “It’s literally a life or death choice at this point."

But Bobbi-Jo is not bothered by the nutritionist's threat and says that her heart is set on being the proud owner of the world’s biggest hips and that she won’t consider losing weight until she has achieved her dream.

She said: “I understand that I’m putting myself at risk by trying to get the world’s biggest hips. I am worried about my health sometimes because of my size - I know that it is not healthy. My doctor asked me if I had ever considered gastric bypass and I do have a fear of dying. But it’s just something that I have to do and I take it one day at a time. I want to be remembered for something, and I think having the world’s biggest hips is what I was meant to be remembered for.”

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