Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Many Nigerian Actors Are Incompetent, We Cover Them Up"-Top Movie Producer/Editor, Jude Legemah

Fast-rising Nollywood Movie Producer, Editor, and Director of Photography (DOP), Jude Legemah, who is the Head of Productions at CREATIVE UNIT MULTIMEDIA LIMITED, has lamented the the manner in which some actors disrespect movie editors. 
Jude legemah who is still basking in the euphoria of the cinema succes of Brother Jekwu and the successful 7 US states tour/premiere of Esohe both movies he worked on, says that although there are many respectful, polite and professional actors in Nollywood, a whole lot of others lack manners and disregard towards the hard works of Editors who make the movies a polished work and most times cover up for the incompetence of the actors. 

"Most times, yes they treat us with disrespect. They forget that it's the Editor most especially that cover their mistakes. Most top actors respect us but the others and upcoming actors, especially ladies that don't know about production tend to look down on production crews, " Edo state born Legemah said. 

Asked how often production editors have to help most actors cover up incompetencies, Jude Legemah who is gearing up for the UK tour of the movie" London Fever" next month had this to say; 

" If I should rate it per percentage, it should be 95%. It happens all the time; where actors miss their lines, forget their continuity, etc these are part of the job we do on post production. In some instances you will notice that the actor you contracted to be in your movie is not confident enough to play the role. During auditions, they do well but once they stand in front of the camera, lights, the director calls action, they will not be able to deliver. Now, the only way out in this situation is to shoot the scene in bits, which is more work for the Editor. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of amazing Actors and Actresses in Nollywood but we still have many of them that are mediocres."

The talented and passionate filmmaker who has handled a lot of cinema quality Nollywood blockbuster movies and revealed a long list of titles he is currently busy with such as “Dream Fever”, “Okoro The Prince”, “Benevolence”, “What Just Happened”, “Christmas Is Coming”, “Drive”,  “Blind Spot”, “Not Enough”, “A Star In Heaven”, “Breathless”, “30 Pieces Of Silver”, “When Marriage Sucks”, “Middle Of Nowhere”, “London Fever”, etc. also took his time to explain some of what the job of movie editors and DOPs entails in the chain of movie productions;

He explained; "I always say that the industry has neglected editors . The post-production process mainly involves the editing of a video, and with the right editing skills, one can transform a rough cut video into a polished broadcast quality video. We utilize our expertise in editing to deliver quality promotional and marketable videos to our clients. Editing, at its most basic can help you put all your shots into the proper sequence. You use editing tools to weed out or fix any mistakes made during the production process. It can be used to trim the video to the length you want and it can also be used to communicate the right aesthetic to the audience. This is to say, without the Editor movie production or any production is not complete. With Director of Photography or a cinematographer  is the chief over the camera and light crews working on a film, television production or other live action piece and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The Director on set most times depend fully on the DOP to help him or her bring the picture to life. These people are the most important people in movie production."

Jude Legemah who was trained by Charles Uwagbai shortly after studying Banking and Finance from University of Benin, is also a prolific documentary maker, how advised Nigerian actors to work  more on their craft instead of putting money first and that they should also churn fake lifestyles, as a lot of them are addicted to living fake lives;

"I remember one of the projects I worked on, the actress was from a very rich home and she allowed her self to be used as a production assistant and an actress. It shows how determined she was because i have seen several cases where her peers from the same type of background willl act very arrogant on set. In another case, you meet an actor, he lies about his identity you’ll later discover the truth before the end of the production. I must say this, most of our actors and actresses live a very fake life. And at the end, it tells on them. They need to just stop and be real...  My advise to the rest of them is that they should should work on themselves before going on set. If you are given a role, do your research, practice at home, always bring your A game to the table, because you are Judge or rated by your last job. Actors should not work based on the pay they are receiving per job, they should always bring their best."

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