Monday, July 10, 2017


Recently, veteran Yoruba actress, Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow’s son, who is based in London came to Nigeria to shoot a documentary on the late Moses Orimolade Tunolase, who was the founder of Cheribum and Seraphim.

Moses was born circa 1879 into the royal family of Prince Ode Sodi of Okorun Quarters in the then Western Region of Nigeria. Orimolade could neither stand nor walk until he was well over five years of age. In an effort to get Orimolade the help he needed, his parents took him to St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, the only church in the Yoruba town of Ikare at the time.

Orimolade was often left in the custody of the clergyman at the Church. One night, the minister observed a strange light in the church and heard singing coming from inside. The minister, however, found that the church was empty, except for Orimolade, who was about 5 years old at the time, sitting on the floor in a strange bright phosphorescence.
At age 12 years, Orimolade had a dream in which he was presented a rod, a Royal Insignia and a crown. He woke with a personal conversion to the Christian faith and a conviction of his calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but his evangelistic mission did not begin until after a period of seven years in confinement. Some of his close associates at the time attributed the confinement to a protracted illness, while others regarded it as a period spent in training and preparation for his missionary work.

However, Femi, Odunlade, Iya Rainbow and others toured the major states of Yorubaland for the shooting of the documentary, which was voiced by folklore singer, Jimi Sholanke.

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