Sunday, July 23, 2017

Brain Damaged Victim Of OJ Simpson's Robbery Forgives Him, Offers To Pick Him From Jail

A brain-damaged victim of the OJ Simpson robbery has forgiven the disgraced ex-American football star – and says he will pick him up from jail when he walks free.

Bruce Fromong had a succession of heart attacks days after a gun raid by Simpson and pals.

But despite almost dying – and losing his millionaire lifestyle – Bruce ­sensationally backed OJ’s successful application for early release from prison .

Former actor Simpson, 70, will now be released after serving nine years of a 33-year sentence for robbery and kidnap.
And sports memorabilia dealer Bruce, giving his first ever British interview exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, opened up about the infamous night and how he and “The Juice” are now reconciled.

He told them: “I could have died that night. They only needed to pull the trigger and I would have been dead. Just two days after the robbery, I had a severe heart attack. It was one of four I’d endure. I flatlined twice.

“I had three on the Monday alone after the robbery on a Thursday night.

“The second time they hooked me up to machines for two-and-a-half hours. I received some brain damage and it has been very difficult ever since.

"A lot of people don’t realise how this has affected me. It nearly killed me. I used to be a millionaire and now I’ve faced bankruptcy.

“While I was fighting for my life I was unable to run my business. We lost everything including our house in Oregon. Despite it all, I still forgive OJ. Some people think I’m crazy, but it is the way I have been brought up.”

OJ and two pals had ambushed Bruce – grabbing a £75,000 collection of sports memorabilia.

Simpson had signed countless shirts and American football helmets while in jail on remand for the murder in Los Angeles of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and her friend Ron Goldman, 26.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 but later found ­responsible in a civil case. In 1997 he was ordered to pay $25million in damages.

It left father-of-five Simpson – who starred in the Naked Gun crime spoof movies – in financial ruin.

In 2007 he was goaded into snatching memorabilia being sold by Bruce and pal Alfred Beardsley, who has since died.

Convicted felon Tom Riccio convinced Simpson the stuff was his “deeply personal belongings”. Riccio set up a meeting in Room 1203 at the Palace Station casino hotel in Las Vegas on the pretence of buying the gear.

Bruce, 63, said: “It was just impersonal stuff signed by OJ, like balls, helmets, books and photos. Next thing I know these heavies are storming the room and OJ is the last in. BOOM! One hits me on the shoulder and I later needed surgery.

“Another one points the gun at my face and says ‘I will shoot you’. OJ said ‘put the gun down’. It was terrifying.”

The raiders took 500 items in a six-minute exchange secretly recorded by Riccio – who sold the footage for £100,000.

Bruce had collected the memorabilia as part of his and pal Mike Gilbert’s Locker 32 business, named after OJ’s shirt number while playing for the Buffalo Bills.

Bruce explained: “Signing was OJ’s regular business while held in Los Angeles County Jail on the Nicole charges. We did £2million in business in that 17 months.

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