Sunday, June 4, 2017

Actress Ufedo Sunshine smiling before Undergoing surgery in the US (Photos)

Kogi state born actress,  Ufedo Sunshine has sparked reactions  on Instagram after sharing a photo of herself smiling in a US operating theatre last night as she was about to undergo surgery.

She shared the photo which has now gone viral and wrote: "Daddy said smile when you are afraid and you will be fine... Undergoing surgery in a bit. Pray for me"

Although, Ufedo did not disclose the cause and nature of her surgery, she is being heavily praised by fans on IG who saw her smile as an act of bravery,  courage and strength  in the midst of a challenge.

The actress has been in the US Where she recently shot a new movie and also embarked on a vacation, however she has for some unknown reasons unfortunately found herself in a surgical room.

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