Tuesday, May 2, 2017

See Why This Mom Shares Pics Breast-feeding Her Twins While Working On A Laptop

In a recent interview with German newspaper Tagesspiegel, artist Marina Abramovic suggested that having children would have ruined her creativity.

“I had three abortions because I was certain that it would be a disaster for my work,” she said. “One only has limited energy in the body, and I would have had to divide it.”

But Hein Koh, a Brooklyn-based artist, has recently responded to Abramovic’s comments by posting a picture of herself working on her Instagram and Facebook pages while simultaneously breastfeeding her twins.

“When my twins were 5 weeks old and despite the sleep deprivation and frequent (every 2-3 hours, 24-7, 45 min at a time) breastfeeding, I was still getting shit done,” wrote Hein. “Marina Abramovic thinks children hold women back in the art world, but as @dubz19 put so aptly, “FUKKK THAT”.”

The question is, does childbirth slow a woman's career down? 

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