Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nigerian Super Model Bertha Amuga Storms Lagos Ghettos

Pretty Nigerian super model, Bertha Amuga recently launched her NGO and visited someone Ghetto areas to give help. The newly launched Amuga's Hope foundation is Focus is on the incredibly tough choice faced by young mums on whether to be a mother or not and the changes they face in life thereafter. For girls who get pregnant in high school and also the years right afterwards. It is not always easy to tell what the next few months and years will look like, which is why Bertha Amuga came up. 

with the idea of an NGO that counsels, educates and empowers teen-mums.
Being a mother changes a woman’s life ordinarily — and being exceptionally young is just more stressful because you have not had much experience in life. It is all a learning experience.
The hardest part of being a young unmarried mother, is the misconception and stigmatization labels  from society. People can be cruel and the lack of support from society puts you down and makes you feel ashamed of being a parent, Amuga's Hope, is formed to empower the mums-to-be by enabling them to secure a good future for themselves and their kids’ future. Also to provide medical counselling for family to avoid any future mistakes; This NGO is about making its mark, and seeing a world where everyone is being supported and respected especially teenage mothers, who are the key beneficiaries of this project.
Also at the event was her colleague, Bunmi Ademokoya who gave her full support.

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