Friday, May 5, 2017

Everyone Is Losing It Over This News Report About a Little Girl’s Prosthetic Leg

Surely litte children are pure hearted as can be seen from this video in which a girl with amputated leg showed off her new pink prosthetic blade to her friends.

7-year-old Anu had her leg amputated soon after she was born and as a result, couldn't do a lot of things children her age got involved in.

She recently got a new blade that lets her run and dance and immediately she got into school she showed it to her friends and their reaction was so genuine and heartfelt.

In the heartwarming video, Anu can be seen hopping into a school playground in Birmingham with a friend holding onto her. Soon after she gets in, other children rush over to surround her and look in amazement at the appendage. 

“Is that your new pink leg?” one girl asked. "Wow!" another child added.

Two of the girls lean in close for an embrace and Anu soon skips away happily.
Anu got the custom made prosthesis thanks to a £1.5m funding injection given to the NHS last year. The money was allocated for new research and to ensure that children have access to activity prosthetics that allow them to run and swim. 

The best news story today is this little girl called Anu showing her friends her new foot.
— Ben Phillips (@benphillips76) 4 May 2017

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