Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Nigerian Man Who Briefly Worked With The United Nations Is Accused Of Robbing Four Banks

Abdullahi Shuaibu is accused of robbing five banks
A Nigerian man who works as a journalist for an African news agency and briefly worked at the United Nations, is accused of robbing four banks in Midtown, New York. The robberies started two months ago and police said Abdullahi Shuaibu pocketed about $10,000 before he was caught.
His photo was recognized by a retired officer now working at the U.N. Police were waiting to arrest him when they said he returned to the U.N. after an attempted robbery. He was arrested at the Foreign Press Center at the U.S. Mission.
   Abdullahi, 53, of Queens, is charged with robbery and attempted robbery. Shuaibu was caught on his fourth heist after a retired UN worker recognized him from a wanted photo released by police.
Police claim Shuaibu would pass a note to the teller in the alleged robberies saying he had a gun and demanding cash, NBC reports. 
Surveillance images released by police show Shuaibu talking on a cell phone and wearing white-tipped gloves while allegedly carrying out the robberies. 
Police were waiting to arrest him at the UN's Foreign Press Centers on Monday.
He currently works for the Nigerian News Agency, which covers the United Nations. He previously worked for the United Nations in 2013, but no longer does.
Shuaibu has been charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery, according to Dailymail.
The investigation is ongoing.

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