Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Man Bust His Curvy Wife Having Sex With His Best Friend In Their Home (photos)

Despite people actually getting killed for sleeping with other people’s wives, it seems some men never learn.

In a Facebook video currently trending on Facebook, this poor mature man was caught harvesting honey from his best friend’s bee hive and was taught a lesson he will never forget.

He got the beating of his life. The man and another friend had walked in on them probably following a tip-off.What is more shocking is the fact that they were busted in the act in her matrimonial bed.

The traitor of a boyfriend was seen and heard in the not too clear video calling the man's name and pleading, "I can explain. Pls I can explain. You people will not allow me explain", even as they kept hitting him on his clean-shaven head. The sight of the lady begging her husband to spare them is just priceless.


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