Saturday, March 4, 2017

NURTW official Kokozaria confirms relationship with actress who his wife previously accused of being pregnant for him

At the start of the year, a married mother-of-two accused a Nigerian actress, Awele Odita, of being pregnant for her NURTW official husband, Koko Zaria (Read here). Now, after almost two months, Kokozaria has confirmed that he is indeed in a relationship with Awele and even hints that they are married.

He posted a photo of himself and Awele on Instagram and wrote;  "Aya olomu original, take it or leave it i love you like kilode @aweleodita7" Awele replied to the post with,  "I love you too my King".
Kokozaria went on to refer to both his wife and Awele as "my wives".
For weeks now, Kokozaria had been dropping clues that he was in a relationship with Awele by commenting on her photos with endearing words and Awele on her part always replied him, referring to him as her king. Today will be the first time he is confirming it in no uncertain terms.

At the time Kokozaria's wife (aka Mumcy Aliyah) accused the actress of being pregnant for her husband, Awele had denied being pregnant, but she did not deny being in a relationship with the man. Though the relationship has now been confirmed, the pregnancy is still a rumour.

See screenshots from his handle below...


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