Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lady Unbothered As Guy Inserts His Hand Into Her Pant At Party (photos)

A video of a lady and a guy on a dance floor has now gone viral on Facebook. This lady remained calm and unbothered as the guy comfortably kept his whole fingers inside her bum shots. She was smiling approvingly of the guy's act while the guy himself remained confident sipping from his cup and looking relax like a boss!

As expected, the unbelievable video has attracted a lot of citicisms. The particular location where the incidents happened is not immediately known except for the fact that the song being played by the DJ at the party is a foreign Reggae tune.

The comment of a female  Facebook user on the video is something to ponder upon. Diana Logan says "We are in an era where ladies are often sexually and physically assaulted; the age of men seeing us women as sex objects. To a large extent, many women contribute to how men treat them and the rest of us in the society. For instance, take a look at this lady in the video. The question is,  will such a guy or those who were at the party have respect for a woman's body after seeing that? Even if that dude is my boyfriend or husband, he has no fcking right to do that to me in public and i will be a insane to say i consent to that and of course except i feel it's ok to be treated that way. In that case,  i should not complain if a stranger does that to me some other time as well since i am invariably saying my body has no value."

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