Monday, March 6, 2017

Lady leaks texts of a man begging her for sex in exchange for a job

This photo is for illustration 
There are shameless men who believe that they must have sex with a lady before giving her a job. That’s why we have so many incompetent ladies in the job market because most of them slept their way up.

In Kenya, a lady has exposed a randy man who was begging her for sex in exchange for a job. When she denied him some “potpourri", the man who was exposed on a Facebook group,  told her that this is Kenya and she shouldn’t expect free things.

She must spread her legs to men for her to get a job. Here are the texts of the shameless man begging for sex from the lady. Is this idiot even a boss?

This scenario is not peculiar to Kenya as many Nigerian ladies can also attest to it...

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