Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lady Gets Drunk, Passes Out & Poop On Herself At Bachelorrete Party (Graphic)

A picture shared on snapchat that's been making the rounds on social media shows a woman in lingerie on the floor of someone’s house — said to have passed out. She’s resting on some kind of blanket or pillow, suggesting she’s been in that position for some time. There is a thick pile of poop on her bum cheeks and upper legs. And there are Nike sneakers with tissue paper in them next to her head, indicating they are new.

Those sharing the photos claim this took place at a bachelor party, and what we’re looking at is a stripper who passed out after having one too many drink.

There have been many past incident of people pooping on themselves when they’ve had too much to drink. The other cause of such is if the person's drink was spiked.

Some people on social media have analysed the consistency of semi-liquid poop, pointing it to a poor diet. According to them, it's a combination of fried food and alcohol for days on end. Well,  probably.

Also, another person said the hot pile of mess may have been resting in her bowels for some time now. three— to — four days at the most. And the additional meal and alcohol at the bachelorrete party forced them out uncontrollably after she passed out.

Whatever the case may be, the photo is not for the faint-hearted. So brace yourself....

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