Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An Unclad female clown spotted walking by a riverside in Worcester

An Unclad female clown caused quite a stir when she was spotted on a Sunday morning, strolling by a riverside wearing a red nose and covered from head to toe in white paint.

The mystery clown left  onlookers stunned as she was seen silently walking by the River Severn in Worcester, England.
46 year old Admin worker, Judith Porter who managed to take some pictures of the weird scene as she waked her dog said she has seen the clown before, and that the woman had a “vacant expression” on her face.

She said:
“The sightings disturb my usual walk along the scenic bridge in Worcester. The clown in this instance walks across the bridge and seemed to be walking to the Cathedral only then to turn around. 
“The clown seemed to have a vacant expression and said nothing. I wonder if other people have also spotted the clown and why she has not been arrested.The blonde haired woman in the photo was as shocked as I was.”

Judith's partner George, who works as an IT consultant, added:
 "We are quite concerned about it.We are not religious at all but it does seem odd that this only occurs on Sunday mornings.We just feel it is not appropriate at all for someone to do this.Whether it is a joke linked to the clown craze from last year or something more sinister, whoever it is needs to stop."

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