Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Photos: Family shocked to find a naked woman sleeping in bed with their 4 year-old daughter

A South African family was left horrified after they found a naked woman sleeping in bed next to their 4 year old daughter. According to the little girl's mother, Casma Selepe, 34, the incident happened at their resident in  Solomondale, in South Africa’s Limpopo Province.
She put her children to bed at 9.15 before going to sleep. Her husband who was initially out came back and discovered someone sleeping next to their daughter. 

“My youngest child is four years old and she sleeps in our room on a separate mattress. She was sleeping peacefully until my husband arrived home and woke me up – asking who the person sleeping next to our little girl was.”

The mysterious intruder, who was naked, gave no response when they asked her how she had got into the house or what she was doing there. The family were left horrified after insisting all the windows and doors were closed and securely locked. Some people in the area has described lady as a witch.

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