Thursday, February 2, 2017

Allegedly Married Big Brother Naija contestant Gifty Locks Lips With Soma (Photos)

"Your lips are so beautiful! I could kiss them forever... I don't have a girlfriend!," Housemate Soma, who is a Pastor's son told allegedly Gifty before locking lips with her last night.

For the past few days, stories have been making the rounds alleging that the pretty Gifty is married to a Nollywood movie producer even as photos of their traditional wedding were published along side. Others have however insisted that Gifty ran away from her matrimonial home, dumping her husband way before participating on Big Brother Naija. Wow! Just 10 days into the show and some of these guys are already betraying their spouses they back home. Imagine Soma who initially said he had a girlfriend;he quickly denied her just for an opportunity to kiss Gifty, a supposed married woman. *sigh*

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