Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Abusive husband beats his wife, and then his muscular gym friends beat up the husband too

An abusive husband was given a taste of his own medicine after fit gym guys beat him up for beating his wife that he ended up in the hospital.

According to the story which was told by @Sensei_kk on Twitter, a woman who visits the same gym he frequents and is well loved by all the guys there due to her generosity, came into the gym yesterday morning sporting a black eye. When asked what happened to her she reluctantly revealed she had been beaten by her husband.

Mind you this is not the first time but for their child and for love she's been staying. She also tried defending her husband to the guys, telling them it was a mistake and he was a good man. The guys would have let it slide, except her husband came to pick her from the gym and was harsh towards her there.

They asked him why he beats her and he said she's his wife and he can do whatever he wants with her. Before he could let another word out of his mouth, the gym guys pounced on him, not minding the pleas from his wife. The wife of one of the gym guys works with the Women and Juvenile Unit, WAJU, and they plan to take legal action against the husband...

See the tweets below.

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