Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Video: South African pastor 'heals' woman's 'vagina pimples' with his shoe

Just when we thought we have seen it all...from South African pastors forcing members to eat snakes, spraying insecticide, drink Dettol all in the name of healing, another Man of God has added a new twist.

A video uploaded on the Facebook page of Pastor Zendile Andries November of Victorious Faith Ministries, South Africa, shows the pastor asking one of his female congregants whether she has “pimples” on her vagina.

When she said ‘yes’‚ a man removes November’s shoe and the pastor is seen handing it to the woman to place between her thighs. She then suddenly falls to the floor with the shoe between her thighs.

Another female member is then shown saying that she went to the bathroom with the woman and that she is now healed and will finally be able to sleep with her husband.
The woman is crying and there are cheers all round as the pastor tells her to rush home - meaning home to her husband as she is healed.

Watch the video below...


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