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Sequel to the travails of the Convener of the Yoruba progressive movement, Ibile Assembly, Alhaji Saheed Mosadoluwa, there have been reports that the allegation of scamming his business partners is a concocted political plot to demean his hard-earned integrity and personality.

The resident of Mr Ibile as he’s fondly called was stormed by armed policemen on Saturday, December 17, 2016, and was carted away to Ikoyi prisons. He was alleged to have scammed a foreigner the sum of US$400,000 in the guise of procuring some goods which were never executed.

This allegation was not legally filed against his person before the media scooped the scandal to amplify the case on various tabloids and online platform.

Speaking exclusively with Empressive media, a close source to Mr Ibile hinted that the arrest and subsequent media attack was being plotted by a political underdog who would stop at nothing to 'soil' Mosadoluwa’s good image and what his movement represents.

Our source, who is also a staff of Mr Ibile, shed more light on the case in his testimony with newsmen where he made it known that he is ready to go full length against all the willing tool who served as an instrument to defame the revolutionist (Mr-Ibile) brand and image.

He stated:

Mr Ibile’s recent travail is concocted by some childishly obsessed politicians lobbyists in police uniform who desire to grab the headlines and insulting people at will because of their incurably boorish instincts and jungle journalist who would stop at nothing to defer every tenets of journalist for a proverbial pot of porridge.

The mix-up that occurs in his company business transactions does not warrant public exposure as we have dealt with this client with a much bigger amount.

The source stated that the question which the media should be asking is how come a crime, which is at the level of allegation be hastily projected in a manner that seems like the subject was notorious. Why do the police ceases to arraign him for a crime that cannot be proven that he committed? Why do the media cluster this case in that seem more like sponsored apprehension?

The true story

There is a company B. M. T. C Logistic Limited does custom clearing for Called Jichu Industries Nigeria Limited which is owned by a Chinese man named Wang Jei alias Jecho.

The Chinese guy, Jecho has been Alhaji Mosadoluwa’s  friend and client for sometimes now and have sustained a business relationship for over a year.

Sometimes, Mr Ibile takes the responsibility to send money on Jaco’s behalf to China or Dubai through one of his clients and one Dr Ralph who resides in the UK. Whenever we gave him dollar or CFA in Nigeria here he would help make any necessary payment oversea and our company just have commission from any fund repatriation for Mr Jecho.

The last money that Jacho sent is around US$400,000. We handed over the money to Dr Ralph and after about 2 days, he called and notified us that HSBC Bank in UK stopped the payment to China. That they want him to provide the document of the previous consignment shipping from China to him in the UK to prove the invoice issue by Jecho company to substantiate that they are truly importing anything to UK.

Dr Ralph was suspected to be laundering money for some people and therefore all the transaction were stalled.

The UK bank maintained that the Chinese company he is sending money to with an evidence of invoices has never shipped any product to the UK.

Mr Ibile asked Dr Ralph what may be the outcome? He said that at times, it happens like that and within 2, 3 or maximum 6 months. They will do their investigation and refer the matter to court in the UK, which they only want to investigate if it's not terrorist money.

That if they find out with evident that its clean money that the Bank in UK will fine him and the bank will give him his money in that account and ask him to close the account. The man has never lied to us before.

Mr Ibile set up a meeting with Mr Jacho (Wang Lie) and assured him that the matter will be resolved as Dr Ralph has over time proven to be a reliable credible and transparent fellow. He reasoned with Alhaji and decided to wait as this was not the first time they are doing business.

After about a week, Wang Lie (Jecho) called my boss to ask if he knows one Chief which I do not want to mention his name for now and another politician from Ijebu.

He said they told him that our UK business partner,  Dr Ralph wanted to cheat the both party, that they will assist him to take his money from my boss and ralph quickly.

One of the names he mentioned coincidentally happened to be a politician that wanted to contest House of Representative seat somewhere Ogun State that Mr Ibile stopped through Primary Election.

We wonder how come he knows them and how they find out he is doing business with us. He also wonders how they got to know he is having problem with my boss.

They both smiled and I told him these people don't know Dr Ralph  that he should not mind them. I don't think Mr-Ibile know that even as at that time they have to arrange for a lawyer and even take him to SFU to meet DC Okoro and told him not to worry that they will take his money for him

The lawyer put in a petition that he has changed his number and Mr Jeco himself wrote a statement.

A close source to the plotters called him one midnight and disclosed to him how they went to Ikoyi and the plot to assassinate his character before the media.

He warned him about plot to blackmail him if he does not cooperate with them

He told Mr Ibile that they asked him to bring the police to show them his 3 houses that he knows. He said when they reached his Magodo residents, they saw him outside the main gate talking with someone and they checked the picture with them and asked him if that was Mr Ibile.

He said he wonder why they did not arrest Mr Ibile there because he was alone with his daughter and visitor.

Wang Jie (Jecho) stays in Nigeria here. He’s been a friend for close to 2 years. Some politician used him against Mr. Ibile.

Mr Ibile had already given him 60 million Naira from his own money before he even know of the police involvement, since he’s rest assured of Dr Ralph Magolis would surely send back the money.

And Jeco is indebted to Mr Ibile’s company before of about 16 million naira for the last containers we cleared for him.

We got to know their intention about police just on 1st of December and since police decide not to invite my boss and trying to humiliate him, he decided to seek redress in court to stop police from harassing his associate and the court asked us to put police and the complainant on notice and reconvene January 11, 2017. The court sheriff put them on notice on 14th December 2017.

The police still take an unlawful step to arrest him on 17th: he was detained in their cell till 28th December 2016.

SP Ngozi Braide actions are unlawful. She fault the police code of conduct for her foster interest on instruction of Deputy Commissioner of (Clientele Political Affair) in police uniform in Person of DCP DAN OKORO.

They are taken advantage of the holiday vacation. They arraigned him before the media. They don't know one of the media team they pay to defame Mr Ibile character was a close ally to him.

One of the media crew who came to cover the media parade and trial later called my boss people and confessed that they gave each one of them numbering about hundred 25,000 Naira and Bag of rice with Vegetable oil.

He said the bus that brought the rice was label PDP marked with Ogun State vehicle registration number.

About The Juju found in Mr Ibile’s Resident

When the media were romancing with the premise of Mr Ibile’s traditionally endowed status, personally, laughed because it became obvious that these people have no case.

What has Ifa (Oracle) got to do with the case on the ground? How many people have the police arrested because of their traditional religion? Will it make the news if they had found a bible or why did they decide not to parade his Quran?

Mr Ibile believes in traditional religion and trust its potency to protect him and his family and as long as human parts are not involved, he is still constitutionally rightful to practice any religion within the ambit of the law.

Is there any law that asks PSFU to queries anyone’s religion or faith?

Mr Ibile’s right to Freedom of Religion is a Fundamental Right as enshrined in the constitution and its enforcement is the requirement of the constitution, section 46 (1) provides for enforcement of Chapter IV (Fundamental Rights) of the constitution, thus: Because Traditional Yoruba Religion (Ifa) is characterized by belief in a supreme being, who created and ordered the world, but is often experienced as distant and unreachable. Therefore, lesser divinities who are more accessible act as intermediaries with the super god. Violations of taboos or social norms are widely believed to result in hardships or illness for individuals or communities and must be countered by ritual acts to reestablish order, harmony and well being.

That type of treatment, knocking down doors with heavy men foots and breaking of ceiling is reserved for only the hardest criminals in a sting operation, a sting operation is reserved for the hardest possible criminals, those in vices like: robbers, kidnappers and terrorists or organised crime. Not a mere business man like Mr Ibile in front of his children.

No sane and patriotic Nigerian deserves that type of treatment meted out to Mr Ibile and his family on 17th/December/2016 and those who have been through it recently including Judges of which the police even boasted that who was he(Mr Ibile): that when the SSS did it to  a whole judge what happened? Is there any uniform man that has the prerogative to act outside Nigerian human fundamental right? It seems the lady called SP Ngozi Braide is more than the law.

She leaded close to 100 police man to Alhaji’s house blasting siren and terrorising his vicinity.

The manner in which they carried out (the arrests) and search in the house is not to be taken for granted.  This case should set the record straight that there is a law in this country and the common man relies on judiciary as the last hope of mankind, the law remains, due process remains, there’s no reason why it should be change because some police want to hide under enforcement to service the desire of some group of politicians ambition.

Mr Ibile is a resolute and articulate crusader; an activist who believes in the will of the people.

Part of the reasons why Ibile Peaceful Assembly was initiated is to fight against any form class intimidation, oppression and abuse of power. It will, therefore, be ridiculous to be entangled in the same negative vices that Ibile movement exist to fight.

Those who seek Mr Ibile’s downfall are the beneficiary of the negative vices that we stand against and as long as Ibile Assembly exists, there is no longer a free meal for them. Thus, they want us gone.

We shall employ a full-fledged legal mechanism to fight this battle to the end and as Fidel Castro puts it, “History will absolve the righteous”,

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