Saturday, January 28, 2017

Poverty, Money or Wealth.... Which do you prefer?

Have you heard of mylibertyfamily 

Name: My Liberty Family
Overall Ranking: 5 out of 10
Starting Fee: N25,000.00, N37,000 and for N47,000 (Jacob tree, (Isaac Tree and Abraham Tree yet to be activated) repectively)
There are three (3) family trees in My Liberty Family. These are:
  1. MLF Jacob Tree™
  2. MLF Isaac Tree™
  3. MLF Abraham Tree™

What is Liberty Family?

My Liberty Family™ is a real but virtual family established by a Nigerian firm; Multi Liberty Multi Services Limited to improve social well being of all family members irrespective of their race, religion, location, gender and status.  The idea of the founders is to boost wealth creation opportunities  to its participants.

Join Here go to on registeration mode chose with Referal and put  1484581750    as refers Family ID

My Liberty Family was born out of the concern and care to help Nigerians find the financial assistance they need to do the business they want to do and create job opportunities for many others. You can't Register without having a referral I'd. 
My Liberty Family takes the system of Family or Ajo (Asusu) that provides crowdfunding to its family members, with the only idea of helping people get money to grow the business irrespective of the family or social standing.

How it Works

 It treats every member equally under the same condition. Registration is NOT the end. It is a mean to the end. It is at the point of payment the system assigns your Family ID to a Family Tree and you get to know your virtual MLF Lineage to benefit from you. The system treats on FIRST TO PAY, FIRST TO SERVE BASIS meaning that someone that used your Family ID can be assigned to a Family Tree before you and time out before you though you WILL still receive incentive on him. The System recognizes you with your Family Code and NOT your name and treats each ID distinctly. This means, those that use your Family ID to join MLF can be assigned to anywhere in the system but not necessarily under you or your Family Tree. Payment is what activates your Famiy ID and moves you from the POOL to a Family Tree. It is to your advantage that you have a lot of people in the pool that used your code. Whenever they make payment, the system will place them on available Trees and you start receiving financial incentives on them going forward.       
Too many people think they are poor because they have no money. They are wrong.
Some others think they are rich because they have money. They are wrong too.
Poverty is not the absence of money nor riches the presence of money. Poverty is a state of the mind. This is why you can be given so much money and still become broke in the near future.
Same reason you can be broke now but with the right mindset, you can become rich and wealthy.
My Liberty Family is not a get rich quick family. We truly believe everyone can be rich and wealthy if they have the right mindset, the right education.
Our question to you is this. What would you do with it if you have N10 million credited to your account through the joint support of other members of My Liberty Family?

When you decide to join My Liberty Family, MLF Jacob Tree™ (₦25,000), you would be required to provide some basic information that includes:
  1. Full Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone Number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Intended Business Area of Interest
  6. Your Bank Account and
  7. Your Preferred Option
Let’s quickly explain the available two (2) options to you and their implications.
Option 1 (Default Option): You do NOT intend to introduce three (3) persons to the platform.
Option 2: You intend to introduce three (3) persons to the platform.
If you chose option 2, the system gives you two (2) weeks from the date of your membership to fulfill this obligation. If you meet this obligation on or before the expiration of the two (2) weeks, you are potentially regarded as qualified for about ₦10 million (₦9,837,000) to be precise. However, once your registration is confirmed (within 24 hours of Joining the Family), you will be placed in a tree immediately, in line for potential financial support ever before you may have introduced the 3 persons. But the system places you on the default option (Option 1). This is a potential ₦5 million financial support to you till the end of the 2 weeks.
paymentIf you do not fulfill the 3 persons obligation in 2 weeks, you will remain in the default plan till you time out with about ₦5 million. If you meet that obligation, the system will reimburse you with what was due within the 2 weeks of being in the default option and you will continue to receive financial support up to ₦9,837,000 in total.
If you only introduced 1 or 2 persons before the 2 weeks expire, you will still remain in the default platform but the system rewards you with ₦1.4 million (cumulative) or ₦700, 000(cumulative) on each person depending on which option the person introduced also chooses. 
Option 1 (Default Option) has somehow been explained above. With this option, you are not expected to do anything more than you already did which is to sign up with ₦25,000 to join the family system. The implication of this option is that even if you eventually introduce 3 persons before the end of 2 weeks, you would still not qualify for option 2, BUT you are rewarded the same way on every person you introduce either with ₦1.4 million (cumulative) or ₦700,000 (cumulative).

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