Saturday, December 24, 2016

Unbelievable Photos Of 'Punk' Amazonian Tribe Firing Arrows At Helicopter During 'First Contact' With Outside World

These are the amazing pictures of a remote 'punk' Amazonian tribe firing arrows at a photographer in a helicopter during 'first contact'.

The isolated rainforest inhabitants are believed to be still living the same primitive way they have done for the last 20,000 years

The shots of the confused-looking group are giving experts a sensational view of Neolithic way of life which has long since vanished from the planet.
One man can be seen launching a spear at the snapper as he swoops down low overhead.

Another shows a tribesman trying to string a bow - while another runs clutching what appears to be a large knife.

They are believed to have NEVER come into contact with anyone from the developed world before.

The photos were taken by chance by Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert - and published exclusively by National Geographic - when their chopper was forced to divert due to poor weather.

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