Friday, December 30, 2016

The unpalatable state of Imota Cemetery, Lagos

A Nigerian journalist, Aderibigbe Adeola, has visited a cemetery in Imota town Lagos. He referred to the cemetery as the 'Imota Cemetery of horror' following what he witnessed while there.

In a number of pictures he shared on his Facebook timeline,  human body parts are littered all over the abandoned,  dilapidated cemetery. The bodies littered all around the place are said to be due to shallow graves dug for the corpses.

He states:

"On Friday, I have the privilege of being the first journalist to visit, Imota Cemetery of horror. Hope this picture can go viral and force government to find a solution before the breakout of an epidemic. #LIFEOFABROADCASTJOURNALIST#"

Lorry loads of dead bodies are brought daily to be dropped at the cemetery without any provision to bury them permanently. Most of the bodies are just covered with soil in a shallow grave or no grave at all, which makes the bodies to come up to the surface days after they've been dumped there.

Further findings revealed that many cemetery like this in Nigeria get a very little or no attention from government.  Owing to the lack of space to bury the corpses brought there daily, the cemetery workers bury them in the soil temporarily. Some days after,  they will dispose the buried corpses in order to provide spaces for new ones.

Adeola, however implored the government to take proper care of the location to avoid an outbreak of an epidemic.

See the photos below:

Soil stained human body parts litter the cemetery ground

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