Thursday, December 1, 2016

Teacher arrested for breaking the jaw and removing two teeth of 7yr old pupil (photo)

A man who looks more like a thug than a teacher has been arrested after he allegedly battered a 7 year old boy. Read the report from below...
According to reports, 25-year-old Timothy Randall Korr, was teaching the 7 year old boy – when he became “disruptive”. Timothy began physically restraining the young man, and took him to the principal’s office.

One administrator recalled what happened when the boy arrived at the office.

“The teacher told me that he put him over his shoulder, and when he put him down he was bleeding,” Jackson recalled. “That’s it. How can you tell somebody like that? He said he made a mistake. He said, ‘I made a mistake. It was a mistake.’ That’s what he said.”

The poor boy had his jaw broken and that two of his adult teeth were knocked out.

Police examined school security footage, and child abuse detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Timothy. He's been charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse.
Timothy works as a techer under contract with the Baltimore Curriculum Project charter operation

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