Sunday, December 11, 2016

Parents in Benue State bury their child's legs over his inability to walk (Photos)

Parents in Markurdi, Benue State, Nigeria have sparked criticism after they buried their son's legs in the ground because of his inability to walk as at when due.

Jeph Toochukwu Ezeokoli who shares the same neighborhood with the parents and made the photos available but decline to give details of the parents, stated;

"I Just saw this around my neighborhood. A child got his legs buried for his inability to walk as at when due. Is this practice not barbaric and brutal". See more photos below...

Some indigenes of Benue State have however come to the defense of the parents insisting that the practice is allowed. According to those in defense of it, as barbaric as the practice may seem, it sometimes prove helpful. 

"What we see as barbaric due to Western education is to others a great solution proving results. It may surprise you to know that, this practice has been yielding results for even the disabled from time immemorial. We have relegated our local scientific result to mere superstitions in the name of Western  education. 
I must tell you that, no parent will like to see his or her children undergo such treatment in this present age but, it's better to have a result from this practice than let the baby remain crippled all his life. May be when we research more, we will appreciate this non-scientific practices of the Benues," Adaku Adoyi speaks in favour of the practice. 

A lady who simply identified herself as Betty also defended the practice and shared her personal experience. "I don't think they mean any harm, i am so sure they did the child a favor and i pray it works for them," she said. 

Betty continues; "this practice worked for my younger sister. She wasn't able to walk on time and same thing was done to her and it worked like magic." 

Patience Metuh, another Nigerian however disagreed with those in support of what was done to the child. According to Patience, defending such a barbaric act is like saying that Female Genital Mutilation, although barbaric,  is a good practice just because those practicing it have their reasons for doing so. 

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