Monday, December 5, 2016

Heartbroken lady shares message her boyfriend sent to her pleading for forgiveness few days before he died

Facebok user, Kanijya Hilliard who just lost her boyfriend, Ayo Dequan  shared the heartbreaking message he sent to her pleading for forgiveness just few days before he died.

She wrote; "I Just Wanna Say I Love You So Much Dequan  I Don't Know What To Do Anymore  You Was Always Here For Me EVERYTIME  You Acted Like You Was Really My Daddy It Hurt So Bad Knowing I Cant See You Again, touch You, kiss You, & Hug You. I Just Don't Think I Can Stay Strong. We Had So Much Planned For Our Future. I Got Mad Every time You Wonted To Come To Chicago To Visit. I Just Really Wish This Was All A Dream It Feel So Fake Cause Its Like I Still Feel You Here I Still Feel You Near Me. You Was Everything To Me Men Just Why Dequan WHY ? Tell Me Some Let Me Know. Who Gone Treat Me Like You Did Nobody  I'm So Lost For Words. Everything I Do Reminds Me Of You Cause We Did So Much Together & Been Thru Alot Of Shit Together. I Will Never Ever Forget You 💰 I Never Felt Like This Before I Love You So Much My Angel. I Miss You #De'QuanMyloBarnett"

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