Monday, December 19, 2016

Hubby Wants Court To End Marriage, Judge Orders Him To Have Sex With Wife (Pics)

A 34 year old woman took her husband to court for denying her sex. The woman told the court that her husband was physically and emotionally abusing her. She said that the most annoying part is that the husband has been denying her sex.

“He has been beating me claiming that I hate his relatives.” “He has also been denying me conjugal rights. We no longer have sex...He left home since July,  ” the  woman reportedly said in her affidavit.

The man on his part said he was tired of the union and want the marriage to end.

However, the magistrate ruled in favour of the sexually starved woman and ordered her husband to take her home, continue the marriage and give her sex regularly.

Here’s how the story was reported in the media.

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