Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mariah Carey Pictured Shopping In Hawaii Amid Photo Editing Controversy

Her Thanksgiving Instagram raised the question: Did she or didn't she use Photoshop?

But new photos of Mariah Carey raise a more pertinent question: Why would she bother?

The untouched photographs confirm they 46-year-old looks fantastic either way. The singer came under fire on Thursday when she shared a selfie with some tell-tale anomalies in the background.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the mirror behind Mariah's arm was noticeably warped, and was the cabinet door between her thighs — clues that someone had touched up the photo before uploading it.
That anyone even noticed the supposed tweaks was surprising in itself, with the Heartbreaker hitmaker's outfit center stage.
Along with towering wedge heels and skin-tight stressed jeans, she wore a cleavage-baring bodysuit with neckline that plunged well beyond her navel.
In classic Mariah fashion, she wore the eye-opening ensemble grocery shopping, ahead of her upcoming concerts in Hawaii, her first time to perform on the island state in 18 years.
Nevertheless, as soon as followers noticed the alleged edits to her post, conversation stayed there. 

One fan poms.not.bombs wrote: 'That's got to be some of the worst photoshopping I've seen!
While another user gaavi1126 commented: 'Photoshopped the thigh'.
However thearodwrapgirl summed it up perfectly: 'Photoshopped!!!!!! Why???? She looks great without it!!!!'

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