Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Man in critical condition after a doctor mistakes the man's kidneys to a tumor and removed them

A doctor in a private clinic in Yola, capital of Adamawa state in Nigerian has conducted a controversial surgery on Isa Hamman, a 23-year-old herdsman from Fufore Local Government Area of the state causing public anger, sympathy and concern. The doctor,  Dr Yakubu Kwali, mistook Hamman's kidney for a tumor and then removed them. .

The doctor’s conduct was described as unprofessional by a committee constituted by the ministry of health that investigated the incident.

Meanwhile,  a man identified as Muhammad Sani has offered to donate one of his kidneys to Isa whose case he got to know about while watching the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) television's newsline.

Mustapha Atiku Ribadu who has been investigating the case says;

"Isa Hamma the victim of a doctor's quackery is still in Kano,waiting for the appointed time. Isa Hamma's kidneys were removed by a doctor named Dr Yakubu Kwaji at Jimeta clinic,the doctor mistook the patient's kidneys for tumour,rendering him without both kidneys,for about 3 months now the 23 year old is surviving through heamodialysis 3 times a week."

There is also a complaint about his condition and the non-challant attitude of medical personnel at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital,  after his hospital was recently changed from FMC Yola to the former.;

"The patient's health has now seriously detoriated at Kano, his mother even cried that her only son was taking to Kano to be killed ,the mother' s worry was not unconnected with the new pains he is complaining and the patient who never fainted while at FMC Yola is now fainting at Aminu Kano teaching hospital,(AKTH) ,he faints every now and then.

The patient fainted three times yesterday night and nothing is said about the possibility of a transplant.As the patient family are illitrates they were told the patient and the kidneys donors blood will be taken to London for tests, just imagine London. Why London?", Mustapha lamented. 

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