Friday, September 30, 2016

Don’t Be Afraid To Say ”Lugubrious”

Once you have acquired a new word, you must not be afraid to use it. Don’t be afraid to say “lugubrious.” Don’t be afraid to say “jejune.” Don’t be afraid to say “anthropomorphic.” In fact, don’t be afraid to say any word-if you know what it means and if it fits the situation. For unless you say it, you will forget it.

Your recognition vocabulary and your writing vocabulary, like everyone else’s, are much larger than your speaking vocabulary. You know the meanings of many words you never use when speaking. You even use many words correctly in writing that you never use in speaking. Why? Because you are self-conscious about using “big” words; and because, when you are speaking, you can’t think of exactly the right word at exactly the right time.

The one right word used at precisely the right time can create a tremendously favorable impression, and it won’t cause jeers among your listeners. If anything, it will cause cheers. 

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