Friday, July 29, 2016

Write It Down To Remember It

If you have listened carefully to a person's name, repeated it several times, and tried to associate it with his appearance or personality, you should remember it.

Probably you will remember the name if you meet the same person tomorrow or the next day, You may remember it even if you meet him a month from now. But time can be the enemy of memory. 

One way to combat the enemy is by writing down the name at frequent intervals. As you write the name, try to form a mental picture of the person himself. By doing this, you will be able to remember important names even though you do not see the person very frequently.

Another good reason for writing down the name is that it will give you repeated practice in spelling it. As you know, there is nothing more annoying than to receive a letter with your name misspelled on the envelope.

Everyone feels the same way about misspelled names. Nor is it pleasant, after your first meeting, to have to ask a person how to spell his name.

Most people will think you should know how, and they will be right. 

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