Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Secret To Remembering People: Make Them Your Keynote

So far we have talked about remembering names. Now we must talk about remembering people. After all, a name is merely a label; the person behind the label is what counts. Unless you are interested, genuinely interested, in the people you meet, you cannot and will not remember their names.

Being interested in a person means more than just being interested in his name. It means being interested in his appearance, personality, occupation, hobbies, unusual experiences, travels, and much more. It means identifying him as a unique individual. It means liking a person and wanting to learn more about him. If you make an honest effort to learn all you can about each person you meet, you will have little difficulty in remembering names.

Jim Farley, the famous New York politician, knows at least twenty thousand people by their first and last names. He did not learn these names overnight, and he did not learn them by any magic memory system. He learned them by being truly interested in people and in their unique personalities. Jim Farley is a warm and vital human being. He likes people, he likes to be with them, he likes to learn more about them. That’s his secret and it should be yours, too.

The next time you want to remember a person’s name, try to learn as much as you can about that person. Ask other people about him. Find out what he likes and dislikes. Try to describe his physical appearance in detail. Not only will this aid you in associating his name with his appearance or personality, it will also make him a more “real” person to you. In short, he will become more than just a name. 

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