Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ten Pointers for Learning and Remembering Names

Here are the 10 most important factors to bear in mind in your quest to remember names.... 

1. Decide now to begin learning and remembering the name of each person you meet.

2. Listen carefully to a person’s name when you are introduced to him.

3. Ask the person to repeat his name if you fail to get it the first time. Ask him to spell it if it is an unusual name.

4. Repeat the person’s name immediately, at the same time you acknowledge the introduction.

6. Try to associate the name of every person you meet with some outstanding physical or personality trait.

7. Become acquainted with the distinctive names of people of different national origins.

8. Write down the names of people you meet. Make sure you know how to spell these names.

9. Be genuinely interested in people-their looks, personalities, jobs, and so on.

10. Try to learn at least one new name a day by meeting as many people as possible. 

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