Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Repetition Is Vital

In learning new vocabulary words, you will find that repeating them is vital. The same holds true in learning and remembering someone’s name. Watch a good name-man in action. As soon as he’s introduced, he’ll acknowledge it with a “Very pleased to meet you Mr. Barton,” or with a similar comment. He’ll say the person’s name immediately. Then Mr. Barton’s name will pop into the conversation at Virtually every succeeding sentence. When departing, the last remark will be something like, “I hope we meet again, Mr. Barton.” The good name-man will have used Mr. Barton's name as many times as possible. Repetition, as we said before, is the key to retention. 

Some people say they are uneasy about using a person’s name so many times at the first meeting. Nothing could be sillier. It’s an adage as old as mankind that everyone loves the sound of his own name. He loves it whether he hears it from a genius or a fool, from a friend or an enemy, from a stranger or a lover. Overusing names is impossible. Try to remember the last time you were offended by a person using your name too often. I’ll bet you can't.

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